Manly Pickles

Motley, Yorkshire. Private investigator Bobby Manly has just spent a wet weekend the highlight of which was watching "A Room with a View". Now he craves romance. Somewhere cheap and sunny preferably. Unfortunately, he's low on leave and there are no dating apps compatible with his Bilberry smartphone.


Costa Cocoa, Somewhere Sunny. Ronnie Badmother is depressed. People keep telling him his smuggling racket is unsustainable. But how can he show his face at the beach volleyball finals if he's skint? Will his new wife even want to stick with him? And why does he suddenly get the feeling he's being followed?

Manly Pickles is a comedy that touches on a variety of male foibles, the English class divide, the challenges of running an unlicensed small business... and nibble-fish.

Featuring 6 characters (4 m, 2 f), it can - if desired - be performed by 3 actors playing 2 characters each. Capable of easy staging. Duration is approximately  90 minutes.