Portfolio of Scripts


Please note that I am very happy to discuss adaptations to meet the requirements of specific productions. Indicated durations are approximate.



Manly Pickles 90 mins


It's not easy being Manly. Bobby Manly that is. Soft-boiled private investigator, Bobby Manly heads to Costa Cocoa. That's the island. Not the new one in Brewery Street.

 My first long-form piece, Manly Pickles is a comedy featuring 6 characters (2 f + 4 m) plus narrator (optional). Designed to be performed by 3 actors doubling up.

Angela Harrison 15 mins

It's Halloween in the village of East Wickham. An amateur theatre group is visited by a devilish stranger. Thank heaven Angela Harrison is on duty.

A comedy featuring 5 characters: 3 female + 2 male + narrator.


Hotel Bon Temps 12 mins

A guest at a hotel waits for their room to be made ready. And learns about the Mayans.

Comedy for 2 characters.


A Good Hand Played Badly 12 mins


In which time passes slowly for a first-class air traveller having a heart attack. 

A dialogue between a man and his inner voice. 1 male + 1 male or 1 female.


The Inspection 12 mins


At Dorset International Airport a business traveller encounters a curious security officer. 

A comedy featuring 1 male + 1 male or 1 female.


That Look 8 mins


A bruised flight attendant ponders the intentions of nature. 

A comedy featuring 2 characters. Written as 2 females but easily adapted.


The Bourne Senility 6 mins

In which Jason Bourne forgets to buy bagels.  

A comedy. 1 male + 1 female. 


Just the Chap 7 mins

Someone is required to find out what the Dutch are thinking. 

Satirical piece for 2 performers.   


Stinging Nettles 6 mins


In which a mother talks to her son at her funeral. 

A poignant but lighthearted piece for 1 female + 1 male. 


The Postcard 5 mins

Someone reads a postcard addressed to a neighbour. And totally admits it.

A lighthearted piece for 2 characters. 


Angry 4 mins


A man and a woman discuss their angry spouses. 

A lighthearted piece for 1 male + 1 female. 


Misheard 2 mins

In which suggestions for the topic of a sketch are misheard.

A piece of nonsense for 2 performers. Any combination.

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