Improbable Scenarios.
Nine witty short scenes for two performers. Total duration approx 60 minutes.

A Work in Progress
The Bard gets some help with a soliloquy.
6 mins

The Hotel Dorado
It's not just Mr Harrison's room that is messed up.

"The Dorado is now a luxury establishment, sir. We don't do simple."
12 mins

A Good Hand Played Badly
Can't a man have a heart attack in peace?
10 mins 

Off the Grid
She has a special set of skills. But did she remember to buy milk?
5 mins

Woodland Burial

" Where the heck is everybody?"
5 mins

The Postcard
A nosey neighbour helps decipher a postcard.

"She's being doing what with donkeys?"
5 mins

That Look
A lawyer and client consider nature's intentions.
5 mins

Dorset International Airport

Bored security officer meets cock-sure business traveller.
"Yes! They're my pyjamas!"
12 mins