Shorts for Two
Funny stuff. Mostly.
Amusing and thought provoking short scripts for two performers. If you'd like read any of these scripts in full, please email.

The Hotel Bon Temps
It's not just Mr Harrison's room that is messed up. 1m + 1f or 2m or 2f. Approx 10 mins.

The Inspection
Bored airport security officer meets cock-sure business traveller. 2m or 1f + 1m. Approx 10 mins.

A Good Hand Played Badly
Can't a bloke have a heart attack in peace? 1m + 1f. Approx 10 mins. 

Off The Grid
She has a particular set of skills. But did she remember to buy milk? 1f + 1m or 2f. Approx 5 mins. 

She's gone. And yet not entirely. 1m +1f or 2f. Approx 5 mins.

The Thing About Postcards
In which one neighbour reads a postcard addressed to another. 1m +1f or 2f. Approx 5 mins.

What Nature Intends
A solicitor and client consider nature's intentions. 2f or 1f +1m. Approx 5 mins.